– November 24, 2009

Libelium has officially launched today the Waspmote platform. The research efforts have focused on providing a minimum consumption (0.7uA in the Hibernate mode), and at the same time, maximum performance and capabilities. Waspmote counts with seven different models of communication radios which can be chosen depending on:

    * Frequency: 2.4GHz, 900MHz, 868MHz
    * Protocol: 802.15.4, ZigBee
    * Power: 1mW, 100mW

These radios count with a high RX sensibility and TX power which let Waspmote to achieve long range links: 7km – 2.4GHz, 24km – 900MHz and 40km – 868MHz, which makes possible to monitorize any emplacement. The platform is based on a modular architecture, this means extra modules can be set on Waspmote just when they are needed. The modules available are:

GPS: latitude, longitude, altitude, speed,…
    * GPRS: sms’s, calls, TCP/UDP sockets,…

    * SD card: up to 2GB of memory
Following the same modular philosophy three sensor boards have been developed to be connected to Waspmote:

    * Gases: CO, CO2, CH4, SH2, NH3,…
    * Events: weight, luminosity, tilt, vibration, PIR, liquid level…
    * Protyping: ready to integrate new sensors, includes ADC, pad area, amplification stages…

A 3 axys accelerometer has been integrated in the same board to get the maximum precision and stability in both ranges (+-2g, +-6g), which lets Waspmote to control in real time any kind of motion or mobility event.
It is powered with a lithium battery which can be recharged through a dedicated socket for the solar panel. This option is specially interesting for deployments in natural environments such as forests.

To get the most of all the platform features and possibilities a complete programming API is available. Both the Waspmote API and the compiler are open source.

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